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ACLU of Florida Statement on Prosecution of 18-Year-Old Kaitlyn Hunt

May 21, 2013

CONTACT: ACLU of Florida Media Office, (786) 363 – 2737

The following is a statement from the ACLU of Florida on the case of Kaitlyn Hunt, a Sebastian, Florida high school student who  faces felony charges for having a relationship with a female schoolmate.

The ACLU of Florida condemns the prosecution of 18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt. The facts as we understand them suggest that the state is prosecuting Kaitlyn for engaging in behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common. Such behavior occurs every day in tens of thousands of high schools across the country, yet those other students are not facing felony convictions (and, in Florida, the lifetime consequences of a felony conviction) and potential lifelong branding as sex offenders. This is a life sentence for behavior by teenagers that is all too common, whether they are male or female, gay or straight. High-school relationships may be fleeting, but felony convictions are not.

While effective laws are certainly needed to protect Florida’s children from sexual predators, one cannot seriously maintain that Kaitlyn’s behavior was predatory. Application of this law to Kaitlyn’s conduct is another example of the troubling trend in Florida and across the country of criminalizing teenagers. The school-to-prison pipeline is filled with students whose behavior is better addressed by school officials and parents, not by a criminal justice system that turns ordinary teenagers into convicted felons who are prevented from meaningfully contributing to society because of their unjust convictions. Even if Kaitlyn is able to avoid sex-offender registration, a felony conviction will harm her for the rest of her life, catastrophically damaging her employment prospects and even her right to participate in her community as a citizen and vote.

Her promising future could be ruined merely because she engaged in behavior that countless other students in every school operating under the state attorney’s jurisdiction also engage in. This prosecution does nothing to protect Florida’s young people but instead causes a great deal of harm.

Note: The ACLU of Florida is not providing legal assistance in this case. For more information about the ongoing legal case, contact the law office of A. Julia Graves.

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4,306 Responses to “ACLU of Florida Statement on Prosecution of 18-Year-Old Kaitlyn Hunt”

  1. LMarks says:

    So, you are defending the fact she broke a law? Whether it’s common behavior or not, a law was still broken. The law is clearly inane, but it has to be applied to adults in a consistent, equal manner. She wasn’t arrested because she is a lesbian; She was arrested because she was sexually involved with a minor. What kind of dangerous precedent are you setting by defending someone who broke a United States law?

    • Pat Richards says:

      That’s just the point, LMarks, the law is NOT consistently applied to all adults. We all know that the laws were meant to protect children from much older adults that may prey on them. Neither of these girls was an adult when this relationship began. Situations like this, a Highschool Senior dating an under-classman, happen in schools across the country and always have. Even earlier today the state dropped charges on a couple where the younger girl was only 14, that Kate Hunt testified on as a witness. It is the younger girls parents that are pushing this -Evil- action through the courts, rather than discussing it with the other parents involved. They are hating in the name of a loving God. That’s messed up no matter how you look at it.

    • Lauren says:

      The intent of the law is to prevent predatory sexual exploitation of minors by adults. Legally, Kaitlyn was an adult, but this “interpretation” is clearly not in keeping with the spirit of the law.

    • Mike Hunt says:

      18-15= 2?
      Got it

    • Peter Pletinck says:

      Belgian law is very simple in these matters: if’ you’re under age, you’re sexual partner can’t be more then 5 years older. I think this is a fair law: it punishes predators, and gives teenagers the chance to explore themselves. A couple that has been together for 2 years doesn’t have to punished when 1 of them turns 18…

    • Mickey says:

      Okay,Mark,let’s be serious! If this were your daughter,sister,whatever,that this was happening to,would you HONESTLY say what you’re saying? These two KIDS did not even KNOW this was illegal. All they did was have a relationship. They didn’t hurt ANYONE! NO ONE! When kids do turn 18,it doesn’t mean they are informed adults! And…it doesn’t make Kaitlyn a monster,either. She’s a kid whose whole life is up in the air.If these ridiculous charges are NOT dropped,(like was just done in another case,in Florida. Same exact relationship,same exact ages,and same sex couple,female)Kaitlyn could very well have to register as a sex offender. Is THAT fair? Were you ever 18? Did you do everything right or did you make mistakes? Are you STILL paying for those mistakes? Kaitlyn would,for the rest of her life!

    • Legal says:

      Read the affidavit. It is clearly stayed by both participants that, they met in the current school year of 2012. The molestor was 17 and the victim 14. The molestor preyed on the immature victim well after she turned 18 and, while the victim remained 14. Having sexual activities twice in school (getter caugh by another classmate that reported it, leading to the parents discovery) and, once after encouraging the 14 yr old to run away to her home to engage in further sexual acts (vibrator and oral). They parents warn the 18 yr old to stay away and stop encouraging their 14 yr old disobedience. It was after the runaway incident that they reported to the police. The victim was 14 not 15. The 18yr old was 18 not 17. Don’t blame the parents for wanting to protect and raise their child according to their values. This adult is a predator. I’m not buying this love argument. What does a 14 yr old truly understand about love? Also,what rules applied in a distance time doesn’t apply to todays times. We as a people have evolved. Good and bad, that’s why protection are in order. It was a time when slavery and gay assault was acceptable. Now we have laws that restrict and protect from that acceptance.

    • jg says:

      Yes it may well be written in our laws thus way and needs to be changed she is not a predator and parents to not have to worry about their children being labeled for life as a sex offender is like wearing the scarlet letter. A drug dealer doesn’t wear a label, nor does any other crime carry this stigma we as adults have allowed sex in every aspect of kids and now we want to punish for life how about children are our future teach them the way laws have come and gone through history and these are the kind that need changed

    • Carmella Lina says:

      After what has been revealed in August, 2013, Kaitlyn’s behavior can no longer be cited as “innocuous”. Perhaps the laws should be adjusted for young adults, perhaps not, but the overwhelming amount of evidence harming a minor through lewd electronic transmission to an ipod touch in the 14/15 year old girl’s possession is certainly cause for Kaitlyn to spend time incarcerated. I have had deep respect for the ACLU in the past, but this time, they should have known what bandwagon they were getting on before they got on it. I support lesbian/gay rights, but not aggressive behaviors by any minor-attracted person over 18 toward any child.

  2. LMarks says:

    Excuse me, it is a Florida law, but a law nonetheless, one that every citizen of Florida has to abide to. You’re grasping at straws, my friend. The family that accused her of the crimes may be homophobic, but that is irrelevant in the eyes of the law. Plain and simple, she was arrested for being in a sexual relationship with a minor. The prosecutor won’t back down and the judge presiding her case is known for harsh sentencing. Considering I work for an LGBT non-profit, I certainly do have a strong grasp on homophobia, but unless it is shown the police department singled her out because she is a lesbian, she doesn’t stand a chance legally. I suggest you study up on legal procedure because clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  3. Ann says:

    Joe, your statement is the problem in a nutshell. You say you don’t “approve” of same sex. That’s like saying you don’t approve of being Black or Asian or Indian or male or female. I just have one question for you, when did you choose to be straight?

  4. Latoshia V says:

    It’s not your place to approve or disapprove of another person’s sexual orientation. Christianity: I like your Christ, too bad your Christians aren’t more like he was.

  5. Jane Doe says:

    They did not date for two years! Read the facts

  6. KatS says:

    Your husband needs a new lawyer.

  7. Jerry says:

    So because this is a same sex relationship the law doesn’t apply. If this was an 18 year old boy and a 15 year old girl all of you would be calling for his head! The fact is that she broke the law and now claims she is being punished because she is a lesbian. What a joke!!

  8. Mickey says:

    @ BILL- Sexual perversion? Great! Why are you even here? This is to SUPPORT a young girl who is being railroaded,regardless. Seriously,if you have a problem with the LGBT community,then stay the hell away from us!Don’t come here and give your us your homophobic,bigoted remarks. We are here to support Kate,not to listen to you calling people perverts! See,if you go by the bible,you could KILL a child for being disobedient! Would that be more to your liking,Mr. Bigot?

  9. Jesus Chrysler says:

    I think that most people reviewing this case are evolved enough to understand it as not being a gay vs. straight issue. The bigger concern is the lack of sophistication in the law. The intent of the law is to protect children, but it’s clear that the law is being used for just the opposite. The structure of this law has empowered individuals and the government to attack a broad range of natural and harmless relationships. Other states and countries have figured this out, and have adjusted their laws accordingly, to something that makes sense, so what’s wrong with Florida?

  10. Kat says:

    The justice system isn’t getting worse. We, as a society, are becoming more enlightened. We now have to fight the old laws, which were created with old ways of thinking, or were not thought through thoroughly enough to cover clauses to address something of this nature. There’s still a law in Texas that when you get out of prison you’re to be given $5 & a horse (or at least last time I checked a few yrs ago). Does anyone get a horse when they get out of prison? No! This is just an old law still sitting on the books that no one follows anymore. There are plenty of laws like this throughout the country. I’m not saying that this particular law is one that should be ignored like the horse one in Texas, but it is outdated in that we need to amend it to cover every circumstance properly so that it does what it was intended to do, which is to protect our children from sexual predators.

  11. Justine says:

    First , I would like to introduce myself, I am a mother of three children and I WOULD NEVER hinder or deny my children their sexual orientation, or tell them whom they should or could love. I am going to outline my perspective regarding the above-mentioned case against Kate. I have read the Florida Statute regarding the charges brought against Kate, and I must say, the States Attorney’s Office, in my opinion has no chance in winning this case. It is clear that Brian Workman, Assistant States Attorney, had not done his legal research before filing charges . I strongly believe that the 15 year-old-parents, have forced officials to use the letter of the law to misguide, and convinced public officials by using their hypocrisy to have this law enforced! Moreover, lets not forget when we factor in public opinion, this case is not going to set legal precedent, within the statute regarding same-sex relationships. Mr. Assistant States Attorney, by your hand alone and pushing to have this case brought before a trial judge; I must say, this is not going to get you nominated for a seat in the United States Supreme Court.
    In addition, I firmly believe, Kate’s family made a wise decision, by releasing this information to the public, and giving their children the freedom to grow as human-beings; I must say “kudos” to Kate’s parents for allowing her, to choose her own life’s journey.
    Now for the forwarding hypocrisy-movement that the State of Florida & State’s Attorney Office has uncoiled against Kate; throughout our society, the waves of social injustices need to be washed way from our landscapes.
    Furthermore, we need to set forth the legal ramifications, so it will essentially constrain, the school districts, state legislators, local law enforcement, and the judicial system as a whole; not to use their powers to manipulate the statutes to prosecute the innocents . I must say, by the Florida Judicial System and all who have allocated this crusade, of unleashing the “law” upon an innocent young woman, and to think you have forever planted a legal-seed, that will grow unequal justice, and to think this societal war has been waged against her and her peers.
    I certainly hope that local law enforcement and the Indian River County school district is paying close attention. And I would suggest that the community stay vigilant, to monitor all sexual relationships between individuals who are 18, and dating an individual who is between the age of 12 to 16; and have the law properly applied, to all criminal sexual relations. Sexual origin does not matter, anyone who is 18 years or older, and is within the school system and is partaking in a “consensual relationship” needs to be handcuff and be charged accordingly, seeing that you have enforced the law between Kate and her partner. In addition, I am sure there are plenty of other school-aged young adults who currently fit the relationship profile. Remember, Indian River local law enforcement, you must follow the letter of the “law” and enforce this statute*.
    As the 19th district, States Attorney stated on Monday during his press conference, he stated, “The idea is to protect people in that vulnerable group from people who are older, 18 and above, and “Bruce Colton, state attorney for Florida’s 19th circuit, said… The statute specifically says that consent is not a defense”” (Crimesider 2013).
    According to Crimesider news report which was issued on their website, on May 21,2013, the Indian River County detectives, investigated and recorded a private telephone conversation between the two girls. Where Kaitlyn reportedly stated that “She loved the 14 year old suspected victim, and this gave the law enforcement the grounds to arrest Kaitlyn on “two counts of lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12 to 16 years of age as a result of the relationship”(Crimesider 2013).
    Since when is it a crime to “love” someone? I am astonished, by the hypocrisy within this judicial community, and Florida has once again tarnished its integrity with in the legal realm. Its ramifications will never fade away on either side of the landscape; and our democracy has turned into a hypocrisy- democracy movement.

    *Note: here I am injecting, equal justice, if your going to apply the statute to one couple, it must be applied to all! That is how equal justice is applied and set fourth ; or is it only done throughout the States Attorney’s Office with absolute power of corrupting the intent of this statute?!

    Work Cited
    “Kaitlyn Hunt Update: Charges against girl, 18, in same-sex underage relationship won’t be dropped, despite public outcry, Fla. state attorney says – Crimesider – CBS News.” Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News – CBS News. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 May 2013. .

  12. Laura Brennan says:

    I have yet to hear the specifics of the conduct. If they were engaging in specific acts that are proscribed by law, the state is within its rights to prosecute. Not saying it should, but it can. On the other hand, I think that these laws were written with heterosexual people in mind, and were designed, in part to protect against pregnancy in young girls. Finally, whatever these girls did, it’s not pedophilia. Pedophilia is an attraction to very young kids, not adolescents, preteens or teenagers.

  13. Anon says:

    Equal Right = Equal Crime = Equal Time

  14. Joe Rella says:

    What a bunch of clowns there are posting here! The majority here (rightly) support the ending of this travesty of justice, but there are always a few idiots who refuse to see any context. I really wish all of you people like this would choose a state and just stay there. You can write all the unjust laws you want, so long as they are only applied to that state. Let the rest of the country grow and evolve with the rest of the civilized world instead of displaying your backwoods bigotry and dragging the rest of the country along with you.

    I especially love all of you clowns asking stupid questions like “If this was a 90 year old man and an infant girl…” The problem is that none of that is what happened here. So stop talking about “what ifs” and focus on what really happened. A high school senior and a high school freshman had sexual contact with each other. That’s it. There was no predatory behavior here, and anyone claiming that there was is clearly pushing an agenda and not looking at the facts. Prosecutors have discretion when deciding whether or not to charge people with crimes. They have that discretion because NOT ALL CASES ARE THE SAME, you assclowns! They are expected to use that discretion, and stand up to parents who insist that their daughter’s girlfriend be punished, simply because they don’t like the fact that their own daughter is gay. I sincerely hope all of you idiots calling for Kaitlyn to be punished, someday end up having a child in the same position. Methinks your attitudes would drastically change if this were being done to someone you cared about.

    • Joe Rella says:

      I don’t necessarily disagree with you Diana, but like our parents always taught us, two wrongs do not make a right.

      Instead of seeking to apply the law universally, we should be looking to amend the law to take circumstances and context into account.

  15. Jesus as about kindness and understanding! says:

    Many states have a 4 year peer law that protects kids that go to school together and are part of the same peer group. I believe this should be universal as it allows the young to have developmental relationships with kids they are growing up with without fear of persecution for feelings and emotions they are just learning to deal with. The teenage years are a nightmare to begin with. Without fear of prosecution for young love. It’s not like this is an issue with some 30-40 year old pervert with a 14 year old kid. Sexual orientation shouldn’t even remotely be an issue here, but it is. If they prosecute this girl every teenage boy sleeping with a girl that is an underclassmen will have to live in fear of her parents doing the same to him. Personally I believe in Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, but I believe Jesus was a kind forgiving soul (ie. Mary Magdellan). This is just someone pushing their religious beliefs on another. A “true Christian” would be kinder to children, not seek to destroy one’s future to thump their Bible in another’s face.

  16. Jesus was about kindness and understanding! says:

    It’s as simple as the 4 year peer law enacted in more than one state already Jimbo. Kids are young and just learning to deal with complex emotions in their teenage years. Many experiment sexually with themselves and their peers. Any reasonable person can see his is normal adolescent behavior. Your statement exaggerating the age differences is ridiculous. This ISN’T about some 30-40 year old with a 14 year old. This is about 2 teenage girls that went to school together. If it was a teenage boy and girl would you so vehemently be playing the Devil’s Advocate here? These are kids. It was consensual. Get over it!

  17. Jesus was about kindness and understanding! says:

    Dee there is a 4 year peer law in many states that allows kids from the same peer group (Freshman and Senior in the same high school) to interact in a natural adolescent manner. Kids in this age bracket are often confused and exploring their sexuality. They experiment both with themselves and others in their peer group. I have 2 sons with my once Freshman girlfriend and OMG when we met I was a senior! This is the natural order of things not some 30-40 year old pervert with some adolescent girl. These are kids. Let them be kids and quit trying to justify a witch hunt. It would still be a witch hunt if it was an 18 year old boy and girl IMO. Florida and every state without one needs a 4 year peer law. If the kids are in the same age bracket (ie. Senior-to-Freshman in school) then let them grow up without fear of prosecution for exploring their already confusing change in hormones and emotions.

  18. Jesus was about kindness and understanding! says:

    Whether it is older boy and younger girl, older girl and younger boy or same sex, the issue is a peer group issue. These two girls are from the same peer group having consensual sex. (Senior to Freshman in high school. Many states have enacted peer laws to amend the age of consent issue because let’s face kids are going to have sex with each other. The laws are to protect kids from being preyed upon by adults, but just because one of them reaches the age of 18 doesn’t change their peer status. This is going to be the same punishment as if she were some 40 year old teacher having sex with one of her students. There is a HUGE difference here people and if you are unwilling to accept that then I hope you get judged just as harshly in the end.

  19. Jesus was about kindness and understanding! says:

    In Canada and I believe much of Europe the age of consent has been changed from 14 to 16 with a 5 year peer exemption to prevent children from the same peer group from being prosecuted for typical adolescent behavior. The only caveat is no person under the age of 18 can legally have anal sex and that is limited to private encounters between consensual adults. Isn’t grand that all of Western Culture except the United States has seen fit to find a reasonable answer to the peer issue for adolescent sex and here in the “greatest country on Earth” we are dealing with the prosecution of teenagers for having consensual sex with other teenagers. I can’t believe even Canada has addressed this nationally and we still can’t get it right! Nothing personal Canada, kudos to you for getting it right and damn our partisan politics! Too bad it’s so damned cold up there in the Winter ;)

  20. Brenda W says:

    Had this been an older boy with the same young girl, there wouldn’t have been any question…HE WOULD BE ON HIS WAY TO PRISON & and been branded a sex offender for the rest of his life. I’m sick of these people saying the only reason the older girl was arrested was because she was gay.
    It’s the same when teachers molest their students, men go to prison & the women get a slap on the wrist.

  21. [...] Tuesday the ACLU of Florida issued a statement condemning the state’s prosecution of Hunt ”for engaging in behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely [...]

  22. jane doe says:

    if we arrested all of the 18 year olds boys or girls who had sex with there younger girl friends or boy friends they probably had sex before one of them turned 18 its a natural thing we would probably have 1 million boy and girls in jail I belong to a youth organization I have two kids just turned 18 there friends are 17 should they both be put in jail H@@@ no they are great kids adult now and are leaders in the group!!! and I this case if the parents of younger girl objected that much they should have stopped the relationship when it began before it turned sexually

  23. mike says:

    i am a Christian i am 100% for Kaitlyn Hunt hope she win and i am praying she will win this is not about a gay thing it about. the school and the age and her going to jail i see nothing bad about a 18 yr old going out with a 15 yr old. when i was 15 i date a 21 yr old and we was in school.

  24. jamis says:

    Ok, Now I’m not a religious person, nor am I Homophobic (Marriage Equality NOW!)….ok, with that disclaimer out of the way….What are you people talking about?

    Now, this is the ACLU website? I was under the impression this was a serious organization of civil rights lawyers, and not a group of internet trolls, so I have to ask…..

    Does Kate have a case?
    Aside from the fact that it seems the vast majority of people here cant eve get the basic facts of the case correct. It involves an 18 year old and a 14 year old child having sex (Not 17 and 15, not 18 and 15, not 17 and 14….18 and 14 were the ages throughout the entire relationship as stated on the signed affidavit).

    Under the laws regarding these issues a person under the age of 16 is legally a child. This means several things, for example a 14 year old cant hold a full time job, or be arrested (a minor under 16 is ‘detained’ not arrested….I know this because it saved by bacon when I got “detained” for drug possession when I was 15). They also cant legally consent.
    At the same time an 18 year old is a legal adult. This means many things as well, namely that they are an adult in the eyes of the law.

    Ok, so as Lawyers, who belong to an organization that is supposed to be a serious one that defends civil rights, I have to ask…..can you do that?

    1) Does Ms. Hunt have a case? Is she innocent?
    She has openly confessed to having sexual relations as an adult (over 18 years of age) or a legal child (14 years of age). The law is clear on this. So I ask: What is her defense? Would you plead not guilty?

    2) If you plead guilty, you need to then show that the law she is guilty of breaking is a violation of her civil rights. How would you do that? Would you do that? How is it?

    3) At the very least you need to establish that the law is being applied in a discriminating manner (as you imply in the statement). Do you have any data to back up this claim? I have not seen any data to back that up, it is just an assumption you are making, and you know what they say about assumptions.

    If you cant address the three things I asked above in a reasonable serious legal manner, then PLEASE STOP. It is making REAL gay rights and civil rights supporting progressives look bad.

  25. jamis says:

    Ok, Now I’m not a religious person, nor am I Homophobic (Marriage Equality NOW!)….ok, with that disclaimer out of the way….What are you people talking about?

    Now, this is the ACLU website? I was under the impression this was a serious organization of civil rights lawyers, and not a group of internet trolls, so I have to ask…..

    Does Kate have a case?
    Aside from the fact that it seems the vast majority of people here cant eve get the basic facts of the case correct. It involves an 18 year old and a 14 year old child having sex (Not 17 and 15, not 18 and 15, not 17 and 14….18 and 14 were the ages throughout the entire relationship as stated on the signed affidavit).

    Under the laws regarding these issues a person under the age of 16 is legally a child. This means several things, for example a 14 year old cant hold a full time job, or be arrested (a minor under 16 is ‘detained’ not arrested….I know this because it saved by bacon when I got “detained” for drug possession when I was 15). They also cant legally consent.
    At the same time an 18 year old is a legal adult. This means many things as well, namely that they are an adult in the eyes of the law.

    Ok, so as Lawyers, who belong to an organization that is supposed to be a serious one that defends civil rights, I have to ask…..can you do that?

    1) Does Ms. Hunt have a case? Is she innocent?
    She has openly confessed to having sexual relations as an adult (over 18 years of age) or a legal child (14 years of age). The law is clear on this. So I ask: What is her defense? Would you plead not guilty?

    2) If you plead guilty, you need to then show that the law she is guilty of breaking is a violation of her civil rights. How would you do that? Would you do that? How is it?

    3) At the very least you need to establish that the law is being applied in a discriminating manner (as you imply in the statement). Do you have any data to back up this claim? I have not seen any data to back that up, it is just an assumption you are making, and you know what they say about assumptions.

    If you cant address the three things I asked above in a reasonable serious legal manner, then PLEASE STOP. It is making REAL gay rights and civil rights supporting progressives look bad.

  26. jamis says:

    Kate Hunt’s 18th Birthday was 14 August 2012.
    She met the Smith child after the start of the 2012-2013 school year, which began 20 August 2012.
    Charges were filed Feb. 2013, after the the child (then 14) ran away from home to the woman’s (she was over 18) home.

    With these FACTS in mind, how does your assertion make sense?

  27. jamis says:

    If you are an attorney why are you making judgements without even getting the very basic facts of the case correct?

    The relationship was while the child was 14 and the adult was 18. At no point in their relationship was Kate Hunt under 18, and the Smith girl over 14.

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  29. [...] has been actively applauded by the political Left. Kate Hunt’s affair with a 14-year-old was defended by the American Civil Liberties Union as “behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common.” The gay-rights group [...]

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