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Florida’s Exonerated Request Meeting with Governor Scott

May 15, 2013

Two Innocent Men Previously on Florida’s Death Row Ask for Meeting with Governor Rick Scott


CONTACT:   ACLU of Florida Media Office, (786) 363 – 2737

 Miami – Today, Wednesday, May 15, two innocent men exonerated years after being condemned to death by the State of Florida are asking Governor Rick Scott to meet with them to hear their story, before he makes his decision on a bill to speed up executions and limit appeals of those on Death Row. For one of the men, had the bill been law when he was on death row, the result would have likely been his execution, despite the fact that he was innocent of the crime.

HB 7083, the so-called “Timely Justice Act” passed mostly along party lines during the 2013 Legislative Session, limits appeals and requires that when these limited and shortened appeals are exhausted, “Within 30 days after receiving the letter of certification from the clerk of the Florida Supreme Court, the Governor shall issue a warrant for execution if the executive clemency process has concluded, directing the warden to execute the sentence within 180 days, at a time designated in the warrant.”

Florida has the highest rate of people condemned to death and later exonerated, sometimes many years later, more than any other state in the nation. Twenty four innocent men were released, 8 of them after 10 years of life on Death Row. Had this bill been in place during their stay, they may have been wrongfully executed.

Seth Penalver was imprisoned for 18 years and under a death sentence for 13 years for a crime he did not commit. Only after 18 years was evidence uncovered that led to his exoneration. Seth, in Miami today, has repeatedly asked Governor Scott for an opportunity to meet face to face. “If Governor Scott would just sit with me and others like me, I know he will veto this bill that, if it had been law, would have ended my life – I am innocent. But if he signs this bill into law, I fear other people who are innocent like me, will be unjustly executed by the State of Florida.”


Innocent Men Previously on Death Row Ask for Meeting with Governor Scott

                  Wednesday, May 15, 2013

                  11:00 A.M.


                  Coral Gables Congregational United Church of Christ

                  3010 De Soto Boulevard, Miami (across from the Biltmore Hotel)


                  Speakers:              Rev. Dr. Laurinda Hafner, Senior Pastor

                                                      Seth Penalver, Exonerated after 13 years on Death Row

                                                      Herman Lindsey, Exonerated after 3 years on Death Row


At least 13 people currently on Death Row have exhausted their post-conviction appeals and gone through the clemency process. Should Governor Scott sign HB 7083 into law, he could effectively be putting them all to death without ample time and adequate assurance that they truly are guilty of the crimes they are accused of.

Juan Melendez was on Florida’s Death Row for almost 18 years for a crime he did not commit. A “lost” confession by the real perpetrator, which was in the possession of the prosecution, was presented some 16 years after his conviction. Melendez was exonerated and freed.

“Under the Timely Justice Act, innocent men like me would have been executed,” said Melendez. “No one knows how many more innocent people are now awaiting execution on Florida’s Death Row – and will be executed, if the Legislature places limits on their appeals.”

The Governor has fifteen days to act on this bill. Were he to sign it, he would be the Governor to execute more people during his tenure than any other Governor in Florida’s history. Two former Death Row inmates both of whom were exonerated have reached out to Governor Scott privately to ask for a meeting to plead their case. Ultimately, they would like the Governor to consider vetoing this bill that would increase the likelihood of killing innocent people.

“A veto of this bill does not abolish the death penalty; but a veto will hopefully reduce the chance that Florida executes innocent people. I was a supporter of the death penalty,” says Penalver. “Until I saw so many others like me, innocent on death row, who only wanted another chance to prove their innocence and ask the state to consider new evidence.”

In 2012 Florida led the nation in new death sentences and death row exonerations. Time to execution in Florida is already 18 months less than the national average.

The men are asking all Floridians to email Governor Scott and ask that he schedule a meeting with them.


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  1. [...] most recent Florida death row exoneree, and Herman Lindsey, a Florida exoneree released in 2009, want to meet with Governor Scott to discuss these issues before the bill becomes [...]

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    If you own a television or have been to a movie theater in the last decade, you’ve probably seen…- 2:52 pm
    Visitors to the refuge were turned away at the gate on Tuesday due to the federal government shutdown. / Staff photo by Jay Diem
    Voters should reward responsible lawmakers accordinglyEarly adoption of the dont tread on me mantra by tea party Republicans demonstrates their lack of understanding what those Revolutionary War rebels were about. Their irrational behavior, including this shutdown, shows how far they are from understanding how to govern. Who might we declare the culprits? From the local Republican whiners who have never accepted the results of last election to our Rep. Andy Harris, who is with Alice down the rabbit hole when it comes to serving the interests of his constituency, only a blind man would fail to see the perpetrators.
    One must suppose that as long as we have a President Barack Obama, we will continue the efforts to dim the legacy of his presidency, regardless of whether it hurts the country.
    Governing is not a small task for those with limited cranial capacity. Republicans have no chance of ever being able to mold a governing majority that actually could help America become as much as it could be. Wondering why they continue their idiotic pursuit of terminating Obamacare, which can never be done, is left for those who subscribe to a lack of knowledge of history and government.
    The local lawyer who forecast dire hurt on local business obviously is of that ilk. They must know if the Affordable Care Act is to fail, it will be on its own, as columnist George Will suggested should be allowed to happen. My guess is that 25 years from now, Obamacare will be thought of in the same manner as Social Security and Medicare.
    A local lawyer who worried he might have to ante up more for health care for his employees should answer this question: Why does he think they dont deserve to get health care like the rest of the haves in this nation of ours?
    For our supposedly advanced society, We lag behind the rising industrial powers we compete against in terms of treatment of universal health care. To shut down the government over something that actually begins to make us competitive with other industrial powers is more evidence of idiots running the asylum.
    ( 2 of 7)I hope the electorate will reward them with their heads in the 2014 election.
    Geoff Smoot
    So-called shutdown is a phony crisis that will not end the worldThe question erroneously presupposes that something bad has happened and someone has done something which justifies blame.
    In fact, our system of government is working the way the framers of the Constitution intended that it should work.
    If Congress cannot agree upon a policy or law, no law is enacted. If there is a dispute between the Congress and the president which results in a veto of a law and Congress does not override the veto, there is no [url=]nfl jersey shirt[/url] law.
    Presently, the two Houses of Congress cannot agree on a continuing resolution to fund certain government activities, so there is no resolution. The framers feared government, especially a large and all-powerful government. They designed the famous system of checks and balances to limit government.
    Just because certain federal functions have temporarily ceased does not mean the world is going to end. The crisis of a government shutdown is phony. Eventually, politicians will come to an agreement on a continuing resolution or even better, a budget.
    When that glorious day arrives, our bloated and overreaching government will go merrily along as if nothing ever happened.
    Ernest I. Cornbrooks III
    Mostly it s Democrats fault, but GOP should stop trying to defund health care lawTheres enough blame to go around. However, the question at hand is who is at the greatest fault, not who the various media outlets have portrayed as at fault.
    At the top of the blame list is President Barack Obama. His lack of leadership has allowed America to run under continuing resolutions instead of passing budgets. The recent repudiation of his international leadership vis-a-vis Syria certainly makes him more intransigent and more unwilling to compromise on any issue, let alone his legacy legislative act.
    Sen. Harry Reid certainly has a great deal of responsibility. As the Senate leader, he needs to insure that legislation smoothly passes from the House to the desk of the president. He has failed to do that for the last three years. He delays, tables and ignores almost every legislative act that comes from the House.
    ( 3 of 7)When the House earlier this year passed a budget, Reid pushed through a Senate version that increased the Houses spending level by $1 trillion and removed the sequester provisions. The Senate version was an insult to any thinking person.
    Rep. John Boehner, as leader of the House, shares in some of the blame in that he should have not again raised defunding or eliminating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as part of the budget. With the current composition of Congress, it isnt going anywhere. Instead, he should have fought for equality under the law either everyone gets waivers for one more year or no one gets any waivers. That would have removed any blame from the Republicans.
    Arie Klapholz
    Ocean Pines
    House speaker appears to value his leadership role more than his countryAside from the usual suspects, I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the man who could have, should have and would have made the difference the speaker of [url=]cheap nfl jerseys authentic[/url] the House. I like Rep. John Boehner as a person. I believe he really does care about our American republic. And I also know he knows what is the right thing to do which is why I am so upset with him.
    As speaker of the House, two heartbeats away from the presidency, he is the opposition leader. Not Sen. Ted Cruz and not any rightwing tea party spokesmen. Boehner is the leader of the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and yes, even Ronald Reagan.
    However, for some reason he chooses not to stand up for what he truly believes.
    Boehner had the necessary Republican votes in the House, along with the Democrats, to adopt the continuing resolution as passed by the Senate. This action would not have shut down the federal government and it would have shown the speaker to be a true American hero.
    I can only surmise that he wants to keep his job as speaker more than he cares about America. For this reason, I believe the federal shutdown is his responsibility. A profile in courage he failed to be.
    Joe Mangini
    ( 4 of 7)Westover
    Republican Party now has dangerous tiger the tea party by the tailA powerful radical group is trying to destroy government as we know it. GOP Speaker John Boehner, with [url=]chicago blackhawks hockey jersey[/url] about 25 percent support from his caucus, has allowed this faction to take charge. Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell is so terrified of being primaried out in the next midterm, he cant even control freshman Sen. Ted Cruz, who is leading the charge for the radicals and using the opportunity for self-aggrandizement.
    Gerrymandering of districts has created enclaves of people who think alike and who listen to media that whips them into a frenzy of radical fervor thats not shared by almost 80 percent of the U.S. population. These districts will return the ultraconservatives to office, but the wider Republican Party will be unable to regain the presidency for a long time because they cant get back to the center, which most Americans seem to prefer.
    These radicals shutdown of our federal government will cause ordinary workers to lose salaries and benefits, [url=]bruins jersey[/url] an emerging economys relapse and the federal flu programs grinding to a stop, making epidemics possible. Children will be denied Head Start and their parents will cease receiving food supplements and their parents will lose work time in order to care for them.
    The huge snowball of suffering caused by a small radical group will cause this country harm.
    I am deeply distressed about the state of the country and wonder if we will ever get back on track. The tea party is bent on changing government drastically. The Republican Party used the tea party to its benefit in 2010, but now has a dangerous tiger by the tail.
    Barbara Doyle Schmid
    Ocean Pines
    Responsibility lies with a pouting, kindergarten CongressFirst, blame the collective us that accepts state rigging of election districts so they are one-party-dominated, resulting in few districts with any meaningful dialogue or competition. That collective us tends to vote on single-issue stances rather than choosing some evidence of intellect and concern for the common man and the whole of our society.
    ( 5 of 7)Second, blame the pouting kindergarten Congress. Both chambers voted on a national budget last spring. Where is the Conference Committee to resolve the differences and yield a single, compromised budget? In the House, Speaker Boehner rejected 18 separate requests to appoint members. In the Senate, tea party Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, with colleagues (and as part of his campaign for the 2016 presidential nomination?) blocked any attempt to appoint Senate negotiators.
    So the public is given the last two weeks, when a short-term continuing resolution could have continued the governments full operations while giving time to focus on the fiscal issues at hand. Instead, we get continuing arguments over the Affordable Care Act as a total package, without any counter-proposals, just a return to the out-of-control medical system of the past.
    Most of the individual components of the ACA are popular on their own. But most everyone would agree and as was initially intended for an act this major that pieces will need tweaking and refining. So we are left with an end product of a spring 2009 meeting of Republican congressional leaders who made a commitment to sabotage the Obama presidency and give him no credit for anything. The pouting continues.
    Dick Taeuber
    The American voters are accountable for this mess we re inThe blame rests squarely at the feet of the American voters. It seems that my entire adult life Im 59 I have seen the likes of Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Barbara Mikulski, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch mugging it up and getting face time in front of the cameras as they spout what they think are whimsical one-liners for some very serious situations.
    I dare anyone to tell me that the politicians named above have served so long because there just is not anyone better in the districts from where they come and which they represent.
    The job of politics has become more about good theater than good governance. And American voters certainly have supplied the circus we call Congress with enough clowns to keep us entertained for a very long time.
    ( 6 of 7)Come on, folks. We have term limits it is called election day. Let us break up this country club clan before they destroy this nation for good.
    They are so arrogant, they [url=]mlb jerseys from china[/url] forced a bill down our throats when one party controlled Congress and the head buffoon told us we had to pass the bill to learn what was in it. Then when they read the bill, after it was passed, and learned what was in it, the same people who told us to take the medicine because it would be good for us exempted themselves, their families and their cronies.
    This group in Washington keeps this nonsense up because the American voters have showed time and time again they are too ignorant, lazy or both to vote the bums out.
    David R. Etheridge
    House Republicans are denying the reality reflected in recent pollingRecent public opinion polls show most Americans overwhelmingly oppose Republican efforts to stop Obamacare by connecting it to funding Americas government. Now that we are in a government shutdown, most Americans blame Republicans for that shutdown. The polls include a Quinnipiac poll and polls from CBNC, CBS, CNN, Kaiser and National Journal.
    Conservative commentators have attempted to spin these polls. In other words, conservatives are doing the same thing they did when polls in 2012 showed Obama would win a second presidential term. Theyre denying what appears to be obvious. Most Americans are madder than a cat in a box trap and the party they are mad at is the Republican Party.
    Most Americans by a slim margin dont like Obamacare, but the polls show by a large margin they didnt want the federal government shut down to block its implementation. Most Americans feel the same about the upcoming debt ceiling fight.
    House Republicans are like a wild and delusional Rumpelstiltskin horde. In one version of the German fairy tale, the queen guesses Rumpelstiltskins name to save her baby from him. Rumpelstiltskin goes into a rage and tears himself in two.
    That is what the Republican Party is doing right now. Its embarrassing to watch as they rip themselves and America apart while appeasing a minority of Republican House radicals.
    ( 7 of 7)Its disappointing not to be able to give some Republicans, especially moderates, credit, but as Jeff Probst would say to the losing team on TVs Survivor, Ive got nothin for you.
    George T. Mason
    No single group bears all the blame, everyone shares responsibilityEveryone has to share the blame for this catastrophe of shutting the government down. The electorate voted all the participants into their respective offices Senate, House and presidency. It is unfortunate to have this stalemate between our elected officials who were put in office to represent the people. We definitely are not being served to the best of their ability. It seems like they are acting like children, each wanting his own way and not knowing that compromise is the answer.
    It is ironic, however, that only the parts of government that are shut down are the ones that hurt the people the most national parks and legislative offices (no questions can be asked or answered). It is also ironic that the Affordable Health Care hotlines are still available for enrollment in insurance plans that may or may not be affordable still to be determined.
    This country has always been known for resolving issues and continuing under adverse circumstances. Lets hope that this will continue to be the case, and this stalemate will come to an end soon.
    I, for one, am disappointed that intelligent people cannot come to a logical conclusion as to the future of this country. It might be time to vote everyone out and start fresh, so we can become a great country again instead of having to settle for second best and be embarrassed in front of the whole world.
    Rose Carey
    Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next

    Who is to blame for the government shutdown?
    Early adoption of the ‘don’t tread on me’ mantra by tea party Republicans demonstrates their lack of understanding what those Revolutionary War rebels were about.

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    Want to see how things could be worse for V followers? With a growing availablility of people looking to online episodes when they cut the TV cord, or just hoping to be able to catch an episode they missed owing to, you know, massive storms across the country that cut power or perhaps delayed travel, ABC is no more providing episode only about its site or via Hulu. Just like you, we truly wish complete episodes were playing below. But we also hope our detailed recaps can you informed and entertained in the event you ever miss an instance. Its’ not free intended for hulu to to air this stuff on their websites otherwise Hulu’s library would myself much larger. why else do you consider they are limited to several episodes.
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    For crying out loud is everyone a moron in addition to does anyone else perform their research. stop assuming. This is simply a ploy, a move to PUSH up ratings by only having one median in which to find the source. ABC is hoping that if you can only watch it on their network it’ll increase ratins failing to find out the bigger picture of which ratings aren’t falling because viewers are going elsewhere to watch. Viewers aren’t watching so it SUCKS!! plain and simple. You couldn’t pay us to download this totally free via bit torrent. it really is that bad and think they stopped flashforward more than THIS!!
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    Woods’ back flared up on him again in the final hour at Muirfield Village. He still managed to hang on to beat Richard Sterne, 1 up, to give the Americans the 18 points they needed to win the Presidents Cup for the fifth straight time.

    Tiger Woods
    MORE: Results | Best images from Muirfield | Woods, Kuchar: Perfect pairing

    It was the third straight Presidents Cup that Woods won the Cup-clinching match — all three with Fred Couples as the captain.

    “It was a team effort this whole week,” said Woods, who went 4-1 for the best record of any player. “We really played well to give ourselves a nice lead.”

    The biggest surprise was not so much the outcome — United States 18 1/2 , International 15 [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] 1/2 — but that the matches ended without going to Monday.

    Rain interrupted the matches all week and made the course Jack Nicklaus built so soft that it was mere target practice for the best players in the world outside Europe. The fourth session of foursomes had to be completed Sunday morning because of the delays. That might have been the end of International hopes.

    The Americans were 3 down in two matches and turned them into a win and a halve, giving them a 14-8 lead going into the final round. The Americans needed only to win [url=]mlb.comgameday[/url] four of the 12 singles matches to keep the gold trophy. It was a little harder than they imagined, though it was a long shot for the Internationals.

    “It was a tall order, but they gave it their best shot. These guys played their tails off,” International captain Nick Price said. “We’re a real hodge-podge of a team that came together from four corners of the planet. And they gave the might of America a run for their money.”

    Even though the Americans clinched a tie with more than an hour left, it took until Woods in the ninth of 12 matches to secure the win.

    “There was no intensity. We played and enjoyed the day and the people here in Columbus,” Phil Mickelson said after he made four bogeys in the last five holes and lost a match that ultimately didn’t matter to Angel Cabrera. “I [url=]cheap nfl jerseys authentic[/url] thought it was going to be closed out early. On 12 or 13, they said, ‘Your match is going to count.’ What? We ended up winning. That’s all that matters.”

    It looked like the rout was on early.

    Hunter Mahan quickly dispatched of Hideki Matsuyama. Jason Dufner never trailed in beating Brendon de Jonge. Zach Johnson overwhelmed Branden Grace, keeping the South African winless for the week. That gave the Americans 17 points and assured them a tie. But it took more than an hour for them to clinch the cup thanks to a spirited effort by Price’s team.

    Graham DeLaet, who earlier Sunday chipped in from in front of the 18th green to help earn a half-point, holed out from a bunker on the 18th for birdie to give him a 1-up win over 20-year-old Jordan Spieth. Ernie Els made a 30-foot birdie putt on the 16th hole and won his match when Steve Stricker missed birdie putts on the last two holes.

    Adam Scott and Jason Day won their matches, and Marc Leishman gave the Internationals yet another point when he made a 15-foot par from the back of the 18th green.

    It figured to come down to Woods, who won despite not making a single birdie on the back nine.

    He grabbed his back after trying to hit fairway metal into the par-5 15th green, though Sterne missed an 8-foot birdie putt to halve the hole. The match turned on the par-3 16th, when Sterne’s tee shot cleared the water, the green and nearly the sky boxes. He made bogey as Woods went 1-up.

    Woods chipped to a foot for par on the 17th. On the final hole, Sterne left himself a 50-foot birdie putt on the 18th that never came close. Woods rolled his 30-foot attempt to tap-in range, and Sterne conceded.

    Webb Simpson conceded the 18th hole from the fairway — he was up against a tree — to halve his match with Louis Oosthuizen. Still, it was the fifth straight time the Americans [url=]nfl womens jersey[/url] have won by at least three points, dating to the famous tie in South Africa.

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    Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan is set to open her new restaurant Chauhan Ale & Masala House in the…- 11:52 am
    Vanderbilt University has more than quadrupled earnings from its technology commercialization…- 11:20 am
    In the opening moments of Oscar Wilde’s classic ‘The Importance of Being Earnest,’ the charming…- 4:05 pm
    Cumberland Gallery’s upcoming exhibition ‘Unique Visions’ will open with a reception, but on Oct.- 3:00 pm
    Did you know that earlier this week you could have been fined $1,000 for discussing your experiences with the health care coverage options available through the Affordable Care Act exchanges with your own family members? That was until Oct. 7, when U.S. District Judge Todd J. Campbell issued a temporary restraining order to stop this possibility.In mid-September, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance issued emergency regulations requiring that any person assisting [url=]north face jakke[/url] with enrollment in a health plan offered through an exchange register with the state and submit to fingerprinting and a criminal background check or be fined up to $1,000. Because the regulations [url=]hollister clothing france[/url] were promulgated under emergency rules, they did not enjoy the benefit of public comments. As written, the rules applied to anyone who could be described as an enrollment assister.This excessively broad and vague language violated free [url=]snowboard jakke[/url] speech protections in the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions. The rules applied to all individuals who expressed an opinion or gave advice on the health care coverage available on an exchange, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, counselors and social workers, who could have been fined for sharing information with their clients. Clergy members would have been prohibited from sharing information based on their personal relationship and knowledge of their parishioners needs. Librarians could have been penalized simply for helping a patron log on to and traverse the Internet.Sweeping regulations such as these chill the speech of people well beyond those the state has an actual interest in regulating. The restraining order issued by the federal court, as well as a state court order in a separate lawsuit, restrict application of these rules to only those people who are registered or registering as official health insurance navigators as defined by federal law.Free speech is vital to a healthy democracy. Yet this is not the first time government entities in Tennessee have sought to restrict Tennesseans speech. Most recently, ACLU-TN successfully challenged the violation of peaceful protesters First Amendment rights after the state of Tennessee met in secret and revised the rules controlling assembly on the War Memorial Plaza, then arrested the Occupy Nashville demonstrators under those new rules. In the recent past, ACLU-TN also successfully negotiated with the Metro Nashville Board of Parks and Recreation on behalf of area college students to revise a policy that unfairly blocked regular religious speech in public parks.These latest efforts to restrict speech on health care options are a reminder of the need for constant vigilance to ensure that Tennesseans free speech is protected anytime the state is trying to regulate what people say in their daily lives. The First Amendment exists for that very reason: to protect the voices, views, beliefs and expression of all individuals. It has remained unaltered for over 200 years, and for nearly a century it has been the ACLUs mission to make sure that the promises of the First Amendment are protected across Tennessee and throughout the country.
    Lindsay Kee is communications director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.

    Tennessee Voices: State’s health care navigator law thwarts free-speech guarantees
    These latest efforts to restrict speech on health care options are a reminder of the need for constant vigilance to ensure that Tennesseans’ free speech is protected anytime the state is trying to
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    Barnaget Bay future uncertain: After tons of debris flooded Barnaget Bay in October of 2012, the health of Ocean County’s largest body of water remains in jeopardy despite the cleanup. IPHONE VIDEO BY AMANDA OGLESBY
    Britta Wenzel, executive director of Save Barnegat Bay, visits Trader Cove Marina at Mantoloking Bridge County Park in Brick. / MARK R. SULLIVAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
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    Impact of the storm on the author
    Amanda Oglesby: For a week, my family lived with nearby relatives who were also without power but who provided the luxuries of a hot shower, a fireplace and a generator.

    Nearly a year ago, Barnegat Bays bottom was littered with broken boats, remnants of shattered homes and keepsakes washed westward when superstorm Sandy destroyed waterfront communities.
    The Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge hundreds of acres of protected wetlands that stretch from Brick to Galloway was covered in thousands of pieces of wood from smashed docks and houses, furniture and household appliances, family photos and household debris.
    In the refuges northernmost marsh in Brick, the storm pushed the charred remains of bungalows more than a mile across the bay from Camp Osborn to the marshes of St. Lawrence Boulevard, said Britta Wenzel, executive director of Save Barnegat Bay. Pieces of Ortley Beach neighborhoods washed ashore more than three miles north in the marshes of Mandalay Bay, she said.
    Instead of picking up garbage, youre picking up your neighbors belongings, other peoples lives, Wenzel said.
    Watch the video above to see some of the area Wenzel is talking about.
    A year after the devastating storm ripped apart neighborhoods and left their contents strewn across Barnegat Bay, much of the debris is gone. But environmentalists and Shore residents questioned the safety and health of Ocean Countys largest body of water.
    We dont exactly know the quantity of yet undiscovered debris, said William deCamp Jr., president of Save Barnegat Bay. Its really anyones guess what that means for the future.
    The speed that any undiscovered containers may degrade and leak is unknown, he said. Whether there will be ramifications for the region is [url=]hollister co in france[/url] yet unclear, he added.
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    The problem is theres natural variation (in the environment) that goes on from one year to the next, said Kennish. A lot of this (impact) has yet to be determined.
    ( 2 of 4)And the bays decades-long battle with nutrient pollution which spurs toxic algae blooms and kills native plants and animals makes studying Sandys effects even more difficult, he said.
    Tons of debris clearedOut of Bricks section of Forsythe alone, about 13,000 cubic yards of debris or 450 dump truck loads [url=]is there hollister in france[/url] were removed by more than 500 volunteers in the months after Sandy, said Wenzel.
    Post-Sandy cleanup contractor Crowder Gulf surveyed 90 percent or 45,500 acres of bay, streams and inland waterways in central New Jersey and removed 72,000 cubic yards of material, including cars, according to reports produced for the state Department of Environmental Protection, which is overseeing the project.
    A year after the storm, most of the debris in and along the bay is gone, but pieces remain.
    Standing at Bricks Traders Cove looking north, a lone roof torn from a home can be seen lying among the green marshland of the Forsythe refuge.
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials, who oversee the 47,000-acre refuge, approved in September a $4 million contract to clean up the last areas of polluted marsh and woods. A Forsythe official could not be reached for comment.
    I dont think very much of the Barnegat Bay [url=]vinter jakker[/url] coastline itself was spared as far as debris deposits, said Helen Henderson, Atlantic Coast program manager at the American Littoral Society, an environmental organization.
    In the Forsythe refuges Brick, Stafford and Tuckerton sites, 130 boats were recovered, more than 100 home heating oil tanks were found as well as 55-gallon drums of pressurized propane, according to a Littoral Society report about Sandys effects.
    As a result of Sandy, you got rid of the big stuff, but thats just the tip of the iceberg, said A. Greg Auriemma, chairman of the Ocean County chapter of the Sierra Club, an environmental organization. Theres a lot more insidious stuff that theyre not in a position to address.
    In addition to sewage and fuel, chemicals and plastics also washed in with the storm, he said.
    ( 3 of 4)There was tons of debris, said Matt Gregg, an oyster farmer with Forty North Oyster Farm of Mantoloking, who joined Clean Ocean Action and Save Barnegat Bay at cleanups near Brick.
    Gregg remembers finding potted plants, patio furniture, boats and entire sheds that floated into the marshland.
    Today, the marshes look much as they did before the storm hit, he said. Gregg is confident, after reading state water monitoring reports, that the water quality is safe for his oysters, which need clean water for human consumption in order to be eaten raw.
    Water quality is nothing thats taken lightly. Its a serious thing, he said.
    Gregg said the bays water has improved in recent decades, thanks to improved wastewater systems.
    But Kennish, of Rutgers University, said declining eel grass beds in Barnegat Bay show a different picture
    Sea grass is an indicator of water quality, Kennish said.
    The beds, which provide critical habitat for various aquatic species, are dying under blankets of algae that result when high amounts of nitrogen accumulate in the water, he said. The problem existed before Sandy and continues in the storms aftermath, fed by air pollution and storm water runoff from densely developed portions of Ocean County, Kennish said.
    The bay can survive Sandy, said Ali Briggs, a 28-year-old Toms River resident who runs eco-tours for Yakkity Yak Kayaks in Seaside Park. Sandy is not the issue.
    Briggs said she has seen sheets of green and purple algae in the bay, and worries more about the impacts of nitrogen pollution then the submerged mattresses and pieces of boardwalk she helped remove with the Point Pleasant First Aid Dive Team.
    Between the jellyfish blooms in the low-oxygen water and concerns of submerged Sandy debris, Briggs said she will wear waders or water shoes into the bay for a long time to come.
    The DEP is assessing the health of the bay through 11 studies evaluating animal species and nutrient pollution. The studies will look at jellyfish, crabs, clams, fish and other ecological [url=]parajumpers[/url] systems.
    ( 4 of 4)We understand that Sandy happened, said Henderson, of the Littoral Society. But I cant really talk about the bay and Sandy and pretend these other problems no longer exist.
    Henderson and deCamp of Save Barnegat Bay support legislation that would put the watershed on a pollution diet and establish thresholds for nutrients such as nitrogen. The elements land in bay water as a result of air pollution and run off from urban and suburban communities during rain.
    I compare it (Barnegat Bay) to an ill person, said Henderson, of the Littoral Society. Theres only so much it can take before it gets even sicker.
    Careful development practices that reduce pavement and give land plants opportunities to absorb the nutrient-rich water are needed, deCamp said. Government action is also necessary to control airborne nitrogen pollution, he said.
    Henderson hopes land preservation around the bay and retrofitting storm water basins so they absorb polluted water will be considered by elected officials.
    But government will must be behind the changes, deCamp said.
    In our tragedy, theres opportunity, said Wenzel, of Save Barnegat Bay.
    There was some actually potential positives, said Jeff Tittle, director of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club.
    In the wake of Sandy, governments should rethink coastal construction, consider buying out owners of flood-prone areas and move development further away from the shoreline, said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club. Restoring coastal wetlands and encouraging vegetation-filled stream buffers would mitigate some flooding from future storms, he said. Even smaller changes, like building better storm drains and sewers and planting more rain gardens, could deter flooding in low-lying areas, he said.
    Theres a lot that we could be doing, Tittel said. We can use this as an opportunity to fix the mistakes of the past, or we can continue the same failed policies and end up killing Barnegat Bay.
    Nows our opportunity, he said.
    Previous 1 2 3 4 Next

    Barnegat Bay faces uncertain future
    Nearly a year ago, Barnegat Bay’s bottom was littered with broken boats, remnants of shattered homes and keepsakes washed westward when superstorm Sandy destroyed waterfront communities.

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